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Ajọ ti Awọn Ẹwọn ti Hubei ati Aerospace Baykee ṣẹda aṣepari fun “idajọ ododo”
Ajọ ti Awọn Ẹwọn ti Hubei ati Aerospace Baykee ṣẹda aṣepari fun “idajọ ododo”

Recently, Aerospace Baykee data center special power solution has been successfully stationed in Hubei provincial prison administration, helping to build a benchmark for "idajọ ododo".

In 2019, the Hubei provincial prison administration established a data center to make full use of modern technology such as big data, internet of goods, and artificial intelligence to integrate modern information technology with various prison businesses to maximize the integration, analysis, supervision and transformation the information resources, and then make intelligent judgments and responses to the various needs of prison work.

The massive data storage, transformation, and processing of smart judicial benefit from the efficient and stable operation of the various subsystems of the data center. To ensure that each subsystem performs its duties, stable and uninterrupted power is particularly important, which places extremely high requirements on the power supply system in which it is applied.

In order to ensure the stable operation of the data center, Hubei provincial prison administration chose Aerospace Baykee as its partner for smart judicial construction, and put forward specific requirements for the reliability, stability, and security of power supply, and clearly proposed the plan that needs to have the characteristics of high-quality cost-effectiveness and convenient maintenance.

After many on-site inspections, the Aerospace Baykee technical team customized the data center dedicated power solution with BKH-M series modular online UPS as the core based on the actual needs of customers. This series of modular online UPS can be flexibly configured according to customer load needs. It is a fully digital power supply product, with ultra-wide input voltage range, and high-quality cost-effectiveness, which can fully guarantee the reliability of the data center's power consumption.

The successful practice of this project is another big step forward by Aerospace Baykee in the field of "idajọ ododo". Carrying out the quality "zero defect" concept, using innovation to help breakthroughs, more reliable product quality more complete service system are our unremitting pursuit!

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