Baykee Aerospace (Guangdong) Imọ-ẹrọ Co., Ltd.

About us

Baykee Aerospace (Guangdong) Imọ-ẹrọ Co., Ltd.(Orukọ ti tẹlẹ Foshan Baykee Ile-iṣẹ Imọ-ẹrọ Agbara Tuntun)(nisoki ti a ge kuru bi “Aerospace Baykee”) tani o jẹ ẹka kekere ti Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd.. (koodu iṣura 600855). Ile-iṣẹ Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd.. (Ti kuru bi “ASCF”) jẹ ile-iṣẹ imọ-ẹrọ giga kan.

Aerospace Baykee is established in 2007, a professional UPS manufacturer and supplier with R&D in improving power quality products like Uninterrupted Power Supply(PUPO), EPS, inverters, APR, and new energy products etc. Headquarter in Foshan, the earliest cooperation in China power industry passed and approved by the ISO9001 & ISO14001, OHSMS 18001, CE, 3C., TLC and CQC quality standard. It has become one of the most famous power source manufacture in China.

The business scope of ASCF is including medical device, medical informatization, integrated digital operating room solution, laminar flow operating room project, safety city project, smart city project, security control of large-scale event, emergency and counter-terrorism. The border defense, policing informatization, information safety, safety in production and other business areas.


Our products range: Online UPS (1KVA-800KVA), modular UPS (10KVA~2.4MVA), Solar inverters & Solar PV energy solutions (1-400KW), EPS(Emergency power supply) (500W-800KW), Lead-acid maintenance-free battery (7Ah-2000Ah, 12V & 2V series), APR (1KVA-1000KVA), APF(active power filter) ,Data center solutions.


At present, the company has established 9 major industry divisions around strategic emerging industries such as smart city & big data, smart energy, rail transit, military and civilian integration, and formed IDC data center, communication power system, military power system, sponge city system, optical storage All-round solutions such as integrated smart energy system and rail transit intelligent power supply system.



Professional production line, Automatic plate machine + automatic printing machine, Yamaha automatic placement machine, Ten temperature zone reflow soldering, Automatic wave soldering machine


Aerospace Baykee has undertaken and accomplished the service in Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Wuhan-Guangzhou high railway, Beijing-Shanghai high railway, Guangzhou Asian Games, ShangHai World Expo, GuangZhou TV tower, GuangZhou Baiyun Airport, YangJiang nuclear power station, C919 large aircraft project, Alibaba Shanghai IDC data center, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, China military weapons, as well as a series of hospital,bank communication areas and so on public projects in domestic China.

Due to our high quality products and outstanding customer services, a ti ni ibe nẹtiwọọki tita kariaye kan, have office&branch in Pakistan, Ilu Dubai, Ọstrelia, awọn alabašepọ ni Kenya, Ghana, Mẹsiko,Philippines, Vietnam……


Comprehensive sales service, including pre-sale, in sale, and after sale services.

  • Pre-sale: Our sales staff will meet the requirements of customers with proper and prompt solution online within 24 hours.
  • In sale: We will follow up the production progress for your orders and inform you of the latest production details. After the production is finished and we receive your balanceshipment will arranged in time and relevant documents for Customs clearance will provided to you.
  • After sale: After selling our products,if there is something wrong with the quality,we will do our best to solve the problem.
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